Our Events

Over the years, AB Tech has had the [ahem] pleasure of working with a number of major acts, although they weren't necessarily that big at the time. This list covers major shows produced in whole or part by Tech since its creation.
Please note this list is definitely not complete and probably not entirely accurate.

Antoni Porowski November 6 McConomy Auditorium
AB Lectures. Cooking demo with a full house.
Smallpools and Gnash November 2 Wiegand Gym
AB Concerts. Our first large concert with bands in a long time.
Michelle Wolf October 25 Rangos
Comedy event for the inaugural Tartan Community Day.
Bülow September 6 Baker Lawn
AB Coffeehouse. Outdoor show with a truck stage.
DRAM and Vanic April 13 Wiegand Gym
AB Concerts. Green confetti and broccoli.
Jimmy O. Yang April 11 McConomy Auditorium
AB Comedy.
Injury Reserve and Jez Dior March 22 Studio Theater
AB Coffeehouse.
Grant Imahara March 20 McConomy Auditorium
AB Lectures. Full house.
Josh Peck January 30 McConomy Auditorium
AB Lectures.
Snakehips and Social House November 3 Wiegand Gym
AB Concerts.
Tepper Quad Grand Opening September 13 Tepper Quad
Grand opening celebration for the Tepper Quad.
Elephante August 31 Studio Theater
AB Coffeehouse.
Wale April 21 The Cut
AB Concerts. Our first concert outdoors in a long time and the original opener dropped out last minute.
Lovelytheband March 5 The Underground
AB Underground.
Casey Neistat February 6 McConomy Auditorium
AB Lectures.
For the Founders November 9 - 10 Various Locations
CMU's 50th anniversary celebration.
Cashmere Cat and Hotel Garuda October 28 Wiegand Gym
AB Concerts. Salmon pink...salmon pink everywhere...
Audien September 1 Studio Theater
AB Coffeehouse.
Nghtmre and San Holo April 22 Wiegand Gym
AB Concerts. 4 foot disco ball and lots of pyro.
Laverne Cox April 13 Wiegand Gym
AB Lectures.
TOKiMONSTA January 29 Studio Theater
AB Coffeehouse.
Eric Andre November 17 McConomy Auditorium
AB Comedy: Sasha chugged an entire liter of ranch.
ILoveMakonnen November 12 Wiegand Gym
AB Concerts.
Denzel Curry October 15 Studio Theater
AB Coffeehouse.
Louis the Child September 2 Studio Theater
AB Coffeehouse. Par grid.
Black Tie Stereo August 27 Rangos
AB Underground goes above ground.
Griz and Dan Deacon April 15 Wiegand Gym
AB Spring Concert.
Joywave and Beauty Slap January 15 Rangos
AB Coffeehouse.
Danny Brown November 14 Wiegand Gym
AB Fall Concert.
Nathan for You November 9 McConomy Auditorium
AB Comedy.
The Mowglis September 8 Rangos
AB Coffeehouse.
Matt & Kim and RJD2 April 18 Baker Lawn
AB Spring Concert.
International Championships of Collegiate A Cappella February 28 UC McConomy
CMU hosts the Great Lakes ICCAs for the second time.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. November 17 CUC Rangos
AB Coffeehouse. Giant inflated ball and incandescent light bulb letters
Walk the Moon November 13 CUC Gym
AB Fall Concert. Shut up and dance!
Mac Miller and Icona Pop April 12 Baker Lawn
AB Spring Concert. Transforming truck stage and LED wall...I love it!
Hannibal Buress April 10 Midway Tent
AB Carnival Comedian.
Smallpools November 24 The Underground
AB Underground.
President Suresh's Inauguration November 24 UC Rangos
Campus wide celebration to welcome President Suresh
Timeflies w/ Chiddy Bang November 8 UC Gym
AB Fall Concert. LED Wall!
Lupe Fiasco April 19 UC Gym
AB Spring Concert. Ludacris cancelled on us for a movie shooting.
Judah Friedlander April 18 Midway Tent
AB Carnival Comedian, known for his role as Frank on NBC's 30 Rock.
International Championships of Collegiate A Cappella February 2 UC McConomy
CMU hosts the Great Lakes ICCAs for the first time.
Sleigh Bells November 8 UC Gym
AB Fall Concert.
Laura Stevenson and the Cans April 28 The Underground
AB Underground concert.
Keep Shelly in Athens April 25 The Underground
AB Underground concert. CMU was the first stop after the band finished playing both weekends of Coachella.
Passion Pit (w/ Donora) April 21 Baker Lawn
Spring Carnival concert. Rain during most of load in didn't stop the show from happening outdoors, which drew a massive crowd of thousands. Dozens and dozens of crowdsurfers, condom balloons, and an epic fireworks display during the encore made for quite a night.
BetatraXx (w/ DJ Strobe) April 20 UC Gym
AB Coffeehouse danceparty. Lightwave International ups the bar again and brings every laser left in their inventory that isn't at the Coachella Music Festival, while Tech complements it with a dazzling intelligent & LED rig on the brand new Road Hog.
Nick Offerman (w/ Streeter Seidell) April 19 Carnival Tent
AB Comedian. A well-received opener followed by a very long set by the main act that bordered on being more of an AB Lecture.
Kevin Wu (KevJumba) April 12 Doherty Hall
AB Lectures. A packed lecture hall full of rabid Asian girls flocking to catch a glimpse of the YouTube superstar.
Zach Weiner February 16 UC McConomy
AB Lectures. The Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal guy.
Tokyo Police Club (w/ 1, 2, 3) November 12 UC Gym
AB Fall Concert. Tech brings in over 10kW of LEDs and drowns the audience in blinding colors.
RAC (Remix Artist Collective) October 31 UC Rangos
Lightwave International returns for a Halloween show redux, with four lasers this time. Before the show, the operator demonstrates how powerful the concentrated beam from one emitter is – burning a hole through a one-dollar bill folded in half twice in a couple seconds!
Annie Sprinkle September 21 UC McConomy
AB Lectures. Former prostitute, stripper, and porn star gives an explicit lecture about sex, but is informed by the AB Main chair that performing the topless "Bosom Ballet" in her script wouldn't be such a great idea.
Guster September 7 Baker Lawn
Surprise concert (and fireworks show) held to celebrate the announcement of a $265M donation to CMU by William Dietrich, which is apparently enough to clear the skies of rain.
The Hood Internet September 4 UC Rangos
AB Coffeehouse show. Some intoxicated and shirtless Pitt gentlemen find their way onto the subs and stage for the entertainment of the audience.
Nosaj Thing (w/ Starkey) April 24 UC Rangos
AB Coffeehouse show. Dubstep proves to be more than the Rosco 4500 Fogger can handle, which in its final moments pumps a gallon of unfogged fog juice onto the stage.
Eddie Griffin April 15 Carnival Tent
AB Comedian. After consuming an entire bottle of champagne on stage, he grabs his wired SM58 by the cable, swings it over his head, and slams it into the stage -- not 10 seconds after the FoH engineer decides it would be a good idea to enable the compressor on that channel.
Big Boi (w/ Brother Ali) April 14 CFA Lawn
Spring Carnival concert, Hollowood gets admonished for being too loud while some PhD students were taking an exam during soundcheck.
Titus Andronicus February 13 UC Rangos
AB Coffeehouse concert
Dr. Dog w/ Sondre Lerche November 20 UC Gym
AB Fall Concert
Switch (from Major Lazer) October 31 UC Rangos
Lightwave International provides 42 watts of lasers for an epic Halloween show, Tech joins the fray and dances in a packed house.
White Panda September 17 UC Rangos
AB Coffeehouse show, first large dance party with the new VL2500 moving light rig.
Frank Warren April 26 UC Gym
AB Lectures. The PostSecret guy.
The Black Keys (w/ mewithoutYou) April 16 UC Gym
Spring Concert
Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter April 15 Carnival Tent
AB Comedians
Sleigh Bells April 7 CFA Alumni Concert Hall
The full KUDO rig had plaster raining from the ceiling, while the entire crowd attempted to get onstage (many were successful), which caused the lead singer's mic to get unplugged and forced an a capella encore.