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AB Tech Officers 2019–2020


Ariel Uyauy

Co-Head of Tech

Ariel is a junior majoring in Discrete Math. Ariel is mainly a lighting designer and implementer for tech. They also like board games, rock climbing, puzzlehunts, and spinning poi.


Bridget Tanbridgett

Co-Head of Tech

Bridget is one of this year's co-Head of Tech. She is a first year Master's student in Electrical and Computer Engineering and this is her fifth year in AB Tech. She specializes in sound and rigging, although she is trying to learn more lighting this year. Her favorite part about Tech is when everyone's hard work comes together to create an amazing show. She's excited to see the new direction Tech takes in the coming year.


Bobby Zhangrobertz1

Finance Chair

Bobby is a junior majoring in Information Systems. He does all sorts of odd jobs around AB Tech, such as countercoiling, power, drinking way too much coffee, stage managing a singular event, and being involved with AB Concerts. Catch him (probably) drinking grape juice and (almost definitely) rambling/complaining about CS assignments. He's always down to talk about video games/memes/video game memes.


Perry Naseckpnaseck

Equipment Manager

Perry is a sophomore in the school of art with a focus on electronics, software, and interaction. He does a lot of sound, networking, and repair & maintenance.


Cassandra Chencassandc

Personnel Manager

Cassandra is a senior majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Material Science. She is a lighting designer in her spare time. She enjoys playing Fire Emblem and other video games.


Laura Bresslerlbressle

Training Chair

Laura is a senior in Computer Science. Her roles in AB Tech mostly consist of stage management and working with power. Outside of tech, she's also involved in CMU EMS. In her free time, she enjoys reading, sleeping, and baking cookies.


Gwyneth Chengschen

Recruitment/Retainment/Social Chair

Gwyneth is a sophomore in the School of Computer Science starting her second year in AB Tech. She works primarily with lighting production but is also looking to expand her experience into everything Tech-related. Outside of Tech, Gwyneth entertains a wide array of casual interests, including poetry, music, language, archery, calligraphy, and anything else that catches her attention.


Lilia Tangliliat


Lilia is a senior in Computer Science and has been in Tech for one year. She mostly does sound for Tech. In her rare moments of free time she enjoys gaming, anime, and probably listens to too much K-pop.


Ryan Eckertreckert

Tracker Dev/Webmaster

Ryan is the Tracker Dev chair and is a senior in Information Systems. Bearer of the Pikachu hat, Ryan is also the token weeb of AB Tech and CMU's Cosplay Club vice president. In tech, Ryan is familiar with most run positions, with a slight specialty towards being FoH (sound engineer) and LD (lighting designer).

General Members

  • Angel, Sophia
  • Balke, Erin
  • Bates, Theodore
  • Berger, Abigail
  • Bloor, Albany
  • Buchan, Katie
  • Cao, Andrew
  • Chen, Cathy
  • Chi, Christina
  • Chiu, Ian
  • Cooke, Mary Kate
  • Drebes, Keaton
  • Domalik, David
  • Ding, Shannon
  • Eckrich, Christoph
  • Garbade, Edward
  • Girdhar, Tishya
  • Gong, Jason
  • Ho, Alice
  • Huang, Phil
  • Kang, Iris
  • Kolb, Rachel
  • Koltas, Julia
  • Kong, Matthew
  • Kozlowski, Kyle
  • Krotkov, Gabriel
  • Kuang, Stephanie
  • Laroia, Tarana
  • Lee, Sungho
  • Lesh, DJ
  • Lewis, Keilan
  • Lowe, William
  • Lyness, Hannah
  • Morton, Renee
  • Pang, Joseph
  • Parenti, Tim
  • Peprah, Angel
  • Phillips, Scott
  • Pina, Tabatha
  • Quarles, Matthew
  • Rich, Ethan
  • Richards, Meg
  • Rizzolo, Trevor
  • Sandler, Joseph
  • Sat-Vollhardt, Julien
  • Sheng, Andrew
  • Shumate, Margaret
  • Stapleton, Sarah
  • Strasser, Alex
  • Sipp, Beverly
  • Thodarson, Dean
  • Traiger, Jade
  • Wang, Sarah
  • Whyte, Ali
  • Xia, Karen
  • Xiao, Mason
  • Zheng, Alex