Past Events

2010 - Present

Over the years, AB Tech has had the [ahem] pleasure of working with a number of major acts, although they weren't necessarily that big at the time. This list covers major shows produced in whole or part by Tech since its creation.
Please note this list is definitely not complete and probably not entirely accurate.
Thanks in part to Anne Witchner and many Tech alumni for their assistance in assembling this list.

World Color October 14
International Festival Band
The Bevis Frond September 22
AB Coffeehouse concert
Laughing Colors September 6
Labor Day concert
The Clarks April 30 Rangos Ballroom
Soul Coughing with Angry Salad April 16 Old Gym
Spring Carnival Concert
Douglas Adams April 9 Rangos Ballroom
AB Tech "special forces"
Operation Re-Information March 11 Rangos Ballroom
Black Star November 21 Rangos Ballroom
Jazz Mandolin Project October 22 Mellon Institute
Fugazi with Burning Airlines and Quixotic May 2 Rangos Ballroom
WRCT benefit concert
John Spencer's Blues Explosion April 18 The Mall
Spring Carnival concert.
Galactic and the Charlie Hunter Trio April 18 The Mall
Spring Carnival concert.
Dharma Sons and the Ike McCoy Band April 17 Carnival Tent
Spring Carnival concert sponsored by the Spring Carnival Committee.
Norm MacDonald January 24 Rangos Ballroom
Henry Rollins November 19 McConomy Auditorium
Spoken word performance to a sellout crowd.
They Might Be Giants w/ Lincoln November 7 Rangos Ballroom
Sellout crowd. Made discovery that Rangos is very springy.
Andy Richter November 3 Rangos Ballroom
Sellout crowd.
Tainted Candy October 31 Wiegand Gym
WRCT fundraiser consisting of 12 punk bands, including Operation Re-Information and Don Caballero.
Sleeping Giants October 17 Margaret Morrisson Hall
Homecoming concert
Push September 5 Fraternity Quad
The Clarks Orientation Tent
Freshman Orientation concert
The Clarks and Brownie Mary Carnival Tent
Spring Carnival concert sponsored by Spring Carnival Committee
Letters to Cleo with Angry Salad Skibo Gym
Spring Carnival concert
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones with Cherry Poppin Daddies The Cut
Spring Carnival concert
Yo La Tengo Carnival Tent
Spring Carnival concert with lots of rain.
Michael McClure & Ray Manserek
Belly The Cut
Spring Carnival concert
John Wesley Harding
Ladysmith Black Mambazo Skibo Ballroom
Part of the International Festival on Africa
Live The Cut
Spring Carnival concert
Denny Dent
The Ramones Skibo Ballroom
Tom Acousti
Several performances, in Skibo Ballrom, Mellon Institute auditorium, and other places.
De La Soul Skibo Ballroom
Jake Johannsen The Cut
Spring Carnival comedian.
They Might Be Giants Skibo Gym
Spring Carnival concert.
EMF Skibo Ballroom
Co-sponsored with Decesar Engler.
Ocean Blue Carnival Tent
Spring Carnival band
Billy Price The Mall
Humanities & Social Sciences picnic
Turtle Island String Quartet February Skibo Ballroom
Winter Solstice Tour Carnegie Music Hall
Liz Story, Philip Aaberg, and others
Jimmy Cliff Skibo Ballroom
Oingo Boingo The Cut
Spring Carnival concert.
Billy Price The Cut