Past Events

2010 - Present

Over the years, AB Tech has had the [ahem] pleasure of working with a number of major acts, although they weren't necessarily that big at the time. This list covers major shows produced in whole or part by Tech since its creation.
Please note this list is definitely not complete and probably not entirely accurate.
Thanks in part to Anne Witchner and many Tech alumni for their assistance in assembling this list.

Blood Sweat & Tears Skibo Gym
Homecoming Show
Livingston Taylor
Renaissance/Pousette Dart Carnegie Music Hall
Homecoming Show.
Chuck Mangione Carnegie Music Hall
Chuck's first performance in the Pittsubrgh area. During Homecoming, it was a sellout.
Asleep At The Wheel The Cut
Bruce Springsteen
Billy Joel Carnegie Music Hall
Bonnie Raitt Skibo Ballroom