Past Events

2010 - Present
Over the years, AB Tech has had the [ahem] pleasure of working with a number of major acts, although they weren't necessarily that big at the time. This list covers major shows produced in whole or part by Tech since its creation.
Please note this list is definitely not complete and probably not entirely accurate.

Aesop Rock (w/ The Cool Kids) November 14 UC Gym
AB Fall Concert
Revision October 18 Rangos
Jazz-rock-funk trio
Black Moth Super Rainbow April 25 CFA Lawn
AB Coffeehouse concert
The New Pornographers (w/ Ted Leo and the Pharmacists) April 17 CFA Lawn
Spring Concert
Zach Galifianakis April 16 Carnival Tent
Frightened Rabbit January 26 Rangos
AB Coffeehouse concert
RJD2 November 15 UC Gym
AB Fall Concert
Amon Tobin April 20 Rangos
AB Coffeehouse concert
The Roots April 17 CFA Lawn
Spring Concert
Broken Social Scene November 10 UC Gym
AB Fall Concert
Randall Monroe November 9 UC Gym
The xkcd guy
MSTRKRFT October 31 Rangos
Halloween dance party, extremely bad-ass.
Spoon (w/ Oakley Hall and Weird Paul) April 20 CFA Lawn
Spring Concert
Demetri Martin April 19 UC Gym
Deerhunter April 3 The Underground
Trans Am February 23 Doherty Hall
Blackalicious and Andrew Bird November 10 UC Gym
AB Fall Concert
Microwaves and Magic Wolf September 16 The Underground
Big City Rock, Phantom Planet, The Secret Machines April 21 UC Gym
Spring Concert. Raincalled to the gym. Large turnout for Phantom Planet, but the crowd dwindled during The Secret Machines.
The Shins April 15 CFA Lawn
Second year beautiful weather for the AB Carnival Band. Techies prepare for the worst in 2006.
Ralphie May April 14 Carnival Tent
AB Comedy Carnival
Mirah February 16 The Underground
Taking Back Sunday w/ Funeral for a Friend, Atreyu, The Varsity November 12 UC Gym
Packed AB concert with 3 openers, stage loadin starts at 6am
Chef Morimoto November 5 McConomy
TV's "Iron Chef" performs a cooking demo
Michael Moore October 26 UC Gym
AB Political Speakers. Documentry film maker.
Rebecca Walker September 29 McConomy
AB Lecture: "I'm actually not sure who this is, but McConomy is a big room..."
Evan and Jaron April 25 The Underground
N.E.R.D April 16 CFA Lawn
AB sponsored Carnival band, on CFA Lawn
Mitch Hedberg April 15 Carnival Tent
Magdalen Hsu-Li February 28 Drill Deck
The Ataris with Vendetta Red October 20 Weigand Gym
AB Fall concert
Kim Phuc April 29
The girl in the picture
Robocup American Open April 28- May 4 Rangos
Lighting in Rangos for robotic soccer tournament.
Jurassic 5 April 12 Weigand Gym
AB sponsored Carnival band, in the Gym.
They Might Be Giants April 11 Weigand Gym
Carnival band in the gym. Opened by Yves Jean.
Dave Attell April 10 Carnival Tent
Carnival comedian.
Godspeed You! Black Emperor March 31 Rangos
AB Coffeehouse. Very packed Rangos show.
Kevin Mitnick March 18 Rangos
Most Famous Hacker lectures in Rangos.
Susie Bright March 4 Rangos
AB Special Events. Sex week keynote speaker.
Ted Rall February 24 McConomy
AB Political Speakers. Noted Political Cartoonist.
Matt Bessner December 2 McConomy
AB Comedy. Star of Upright Citizens Brigade.
Hot Rod Circuit November 23 The Underground
The Underground is packed, again.
Atom and his Package November 9 The Underground
The Underground is packed.
Ben Folds October 26 Rangos
AB Concert in Rangos.
The Hope Conspiracy October 19 Highlander
AB Coffeehouse. Required a row of techies to keep Scorp from being pushed over.
Dr. Howard Zinn September 23 Rangos
AB Lectures. Sold out (or nearly so) for an educational lecture.
Fishbone May 3 Rangos
AB Concerts. Fiesta de Primavera show, too cold to hold outside and too loud to hold inside.
G. Love (and Special Sauce?) April 20 Wiegand Gym
Reel Big Fish April 19 Wiegand Gym
Crowd Barrier sides with the audience halfway through the show.
Randy Kagan April 17 Carnival Tent
AB Comedian with an act that involved stapling things to his head.
Les Savy Fav April 10 Highlander
AB Coffeehouse. Highlander becomes a venue.
Bruce Campbell March 18 McConomy
AB Lectures. Star of the Evil Dead series.
Jon Stewart March 16 Soldiers and Sailors Hall
Scheduling disaster forces us to run a stand-up show.
Jim Bruer February 25 Rangos
AB Comedy. "Donner 308. Come smoke with us!"
Henry Rollins November 12
Former rock star does spoken word.
The Clarks September 21 CFA Lawn
Anne Witchner wanted them, so she got them.
Superchunk April 29 CFA Lawn
Part of the Rock 'n Roll Film Fest and AB Coffeehouse.
Fugazi April 21 Carnival Tent
AB Concert: Rain-call and moved to the Carnival Tent.
Jump Little Children with New Invisible Joy April 20 Carnival Tent
Carnival concert.
Magnetic Fields April 12 McConomy
With a line extending to Forbes Avenue.
Dar Williams March 12 Rangos
AB Concerts/Women's Center show.
Judy Sheppard March 21 McConomy Auditorium
New Deal February 11 The Underground
Keller Williams February 1 The Underground
Popular entertainer.
Lewis Black December 4 McConomy
Elliot Smith October 31 Rangos
AB Coffeehouse. Screwed by a promoter. Lead singer comes in dressed as Jesus.
Skatellites October 28 Rangos
Co-sponsored by AB Concerts. International Festival/Family Weekend.
Al Gore October 27 The Mall
AB Political Speakers.
Jerry Springer October 26 McConomy
AB Political Speakers. "I hope to never see any of you on my show."
Versus October 23 McConomy
AB Coffeehouse.
Blues Traveler October 20 The Mall
Co-sponsored by AB Concerts. Homecoming/midsemester break show.
Godspeed You! Black Emperor October 9 McConomy
AB Coffeehouse.
Ralph Nader September 26 Rangos
AB Lecture. Sellout crowd.
Mike Nelson September 18 McConomy
AB Lecture.
Silkworm and Karl Hendricks Trio September 11 McConomy
Rusted Root September 8 Orientation Tent
AB Concert. Quick stage strike from in front of CFA Lawn due to rain concerns.
Mad Professor with New Deal May 6 Merson Courtyard
AB Concert. "I'm a sound engineer, mahn!"
The Slip April 25 The Underground
AB Underground.
Buddy Brown Show April 15 Carnival Tent
Carnival concert.
El Diablo and Ritual Space Travel Agency April 15 Carnival Side Stage
Carnival concert.
Strangefolk with Meropoix April 15 The Mall
AB Concert.
Buzz Poets with Wade April 14 Carnival Tent
Carnival concert.
Quiddity April 14 Carnival Side Stage
"Last show" for a popular student band.
Eddie Ifft and Gary Greenburgh April 13 Carnival Tent
Carnival comedy.
Cat Power April 10 McConomy
AB Coffeehouse show.
Jane Goodall April 4 Weigand Gym
AB Lecture.
Keller Williams March 23 The Underground
AB Underground. First ever packed Underground show.
X-ecutioners January 21 Rangos
AB techno show.