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Event Planning

AB Tech provides sound and lighting services to organizations affiliated with or planning events at Carnegie Mellon. Most events are on-campus, but we also assist with a few select off-campus events each year.

We can assist your organization's event in a number of areas:

  • Sound reinforcement: From small vocal performances to dance parties to large bands, we are experienced in the art of sound reinforcement. Most events can be handled with our own inventory, providing great discounts off rental prices at external companies. As necessary, we can also rent equipment and bill you at-cost.
  • Lighting: We can provide lighting for small shows using poles or floor lighting, or setup spans of lighting truss overhead for larger events. We have traditional colored lighting as well as LEDs, moving lights, strobes, and black lights.
  • Staging: If your event requires additional staging material, we can coordinate the rental of stage components from outside contractors. We do not carry any staging ourselves.
  • Power: Larger shows (especially those with complex lighting requirements) will require more than wall power. In some cases, generators are rented to supply this additional power. We can coordinate this.

AB Tech does not officially provide video services (including projector/screen rentals, video recording/filming of events, playback of slideshows, DVDs, etc.). If your event requires these services, we may subcontract cmuTV or another local production company at an additional charge. Similarly, AB Tech does not own any backline equipment (guitar amplifiers, drums, keyboards, or other musical instruments), but we are happy to help coordinate the appropriate rentals through a local backline rental company.

What we need:
  • Precise show information: To book an event, we need at minimum:
    • sponsoring organization (i.e. who will be paying for our services?)
    • type of event (describe in detail what will be happening so we can provide the right equipment/staff)
    • venue (please be precise -- such as "UC Rangos 1-3" instead of just "Rangos")
    • setup time (see "Setup and teardown time" in bold below for more details)
    • show date, time(s), and estimated length
    • any other relevant information or special requests
  • Advance notice: At least one week advance notice of the event. Larger events require more lead time (usually 2 weeks or more). We recommend that you contact us as soon as you possible to make sure we can fit you in our schedule, as we frequently work multiple events simultaneously and have limited staff & equipment. Changes (venue, times, equipment needs, etc.) or cancellations to the event less than 48 hours before the show may not be possible, and may incur an additional late notice fee.
  • Setup and teardown time: Please contact us before reserving a venue and confirming show time, so that we can estimate the time required for our setup and teardown. Smaller shows may only require an hour for setup, but larger shows may require 8 hours or more. We need full access to the venue from the setup time through the end of our teardown, which can be for up to a few hours following the end of the show (again, depending on the complexity).
  • Technical riders and contracts: If performers have provided you with technical "riders" or requirements in their contract, it is best for us to have a copy of these to ensure they are met. Additionally, contact information for the performer is often useful if we need to request a clarification on technical requirements.
What we charge:
Our charges are based on the configuration of equipment being used and the personnel required to run your event. Thus, the cost of providing technical support for a show varies with the size and complexity of the event. Shows that require outside rentals typically cost more than those that do not. Recognized student organizations receive more heavily subsidized pricing than other organizations. You will receive a customized quote once we receive the details of your event.

How to submit a request:
If you are interested in having in AB Tech provide technical support for your event, please email your request to abtech@andrew.cmu.edu. Expect a reply within a couple of days; if you don't hear back from us within a reasonable period of time, feel free to follow up with another email (we get a lot of requests and occasionally one will be misfiled).

Other options:
If AB Tech is not available to work your show, you may want to check out our production contractors page.

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