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Carnegie Mellon University – Pittsburgh, PA

Providing 'Fly-by-Night Sound and Light' Since 1973
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Contacting Us

Sending email to abtech@andrew.cmu.edu is the most efficient and preferred means of contacting us.
Expect a reply within a couple of days; if you don't hear back from us within a reasonable period of time, feel free to follow up with another email (we receive many emails and occasionally one will be misfiled).

You can also contact us via:
Phone:(412) 268-2104
Fax:(412) 268-7900
US Mail: University Center Box 73
5032 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Extremely Time-Sensitive Needs or Emergencies

In the event that you need to contact us regarding an issue that absolutely cannot wait for a normal email response, and you have been unsuccessful in reaching us through any other means, please contact the Head of Tech directly.
If your issue does not need immediate attention, please use our primary email address above.

General Activities Board Questions

For information about ticket sales, show times, movies, etc., please contact the Activities Board at:
Phone:(412) 268-2105

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